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Aditya Infotech System provides solutions ranging from carrier class (core switching), to setting up of complete network and access, providing content, to managing service level agreements.


  • Voice, Data and Video Integration solutions
  • Access (Network Components) - Routing, Switching, LAN / WAN
  • Managing Access (Security) - Data and Security


  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Installation / Project Services

Project Solutions

At Aditya Infotech System, we are geared towards helping ISPs and companies share technology resources. Business networks are designed to fit the individual needs of every customer. Emphasis is given to the immediate requirements and maintaining the ability for future expansion. Everything we offer needs to be scalable; if we cannot multiply the solution with ease then we find another way to do it.

Consulting:- Providing Solutions, Implementing appropriate knowledge Management and network solutions and value-added e-business applications can be challenging in today's rapidly changing IT environment. Rather than redirect valuable resources or expanding your hard-working staff, look to Aditya Infotech System 's Network Consulting and Integration Services Team. Our experienced consulting professionals apply proven methodologies to help develop an end-to-end, multi-vendor network solution for your business and IT needs, for today and in the future.

Design:- Determining your current and future networking needs can be a daunting task. Aditya Infotech System will help you formulate a scalable network strategy, and will design a solution to meet those needs. No two networks are exactly alike; this requires our solutions to be customized to your specific needs. Our team of design consultants takes the time to understand your company by analyzing your existing infrastructure, cabling specifications, and inventory. Only then do we develop a conceptual design to fit your specific needs for data, image, and voice communications.

Implementation:- Only highly trained network engineers can roll out new network software with the proper planning and oversight you require. Our engineers have you covered. System upgrades and operating system updates can bring your network down or cause network degradations if done incorrectly. Aditya Infotech System 's network engineers have the experience, education and expertise to make your network implementation painless.

Maintenance:- Aditya Infotech System has a service concept of WOMB to TOMB to cater to technology transition and adaptability. This Ensures lifetime usability to the technology fielded by us. With a service commitment of 24/7 (24 hours and 7 days), Aditya Infotech System is geared to support large installations round the clock.

Aditya Infotech System specializes in developing customized network solutions. Whether designing networks to meet your security needs, or developing custom applications to streamline your business or fulfilling your every IT support need, Aditya Infotech System will be there for you for all your technology needs